Your Trump 2020 Tour Team 

Alexander Davis is named America’s #1 Deplorable and founder of the TRUMP 2020 Tour. Alexander is an entrepreneur, author of seventeen books, inventor, keynote conference speaker, proud father and grandfather of four. Sign up for VIP access during the Tour and receive a complimentary, signed copy of Alexander’s autobiography. 

Our Mission

TRUMP 2020


As we all know it is vital that President Donald Trump wins re-election in 2020. Even though many of us are sure this is going to happen, we need to remain vigilant to the day after the election. We must campaign to our family, friends, and people on the streets to ensure that everyone recognizes the amazing achievements during his first four years in office.



The House has never been more embarrassing than it is now. Infested with Deep State socialists, they preach the end of America as we know it every single day. We need to stop this downward spiral as it spells the end of the American dream and freedom as a whole. We need to identify their endless list of flaws and move them out of office to ensure a magnificent 2020.



President Donald Trump has single handedly rebuilt the United States economy like no other President in history, but there is still much to be done. From fair trade agreements with foreigns countries that have taken advantage of our goodwill to incentivizing companies to move back for American made labor. A great economy changes lives and protects our freedoms.



We know that the Democrats have made a business out of smuggling in illegal aliens in hopes that they will find a way to illegally vote and vote Democrat. The wall must be completed on time. Voter IDs need to become a standard. Paper ballets must return to secure votes that have been stolen by electronic means for decades.