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Your Trump 2020 Tour Team 

Alexander Davis

Alexander Davis

Trump 2020 Tour Host

Alexander Davis is named America’s #1 Deplorable! Alexander is an entreprenuer, author of seventeen books, inventor, keynote conference speaker, proud father and grandfather of four.  Sign up for VIP access during the Tour and receive a complimentary, signed copy of Alexander’s autobiography. 

Lauren Witzke

Lauren Witzke

Trump 2020 Tour VP

Lauren Witzke is a GOP ACTIVIST, and Recovery Advocate. After graduating business college, she found herself immersed in the drug culture. After years of selling drugs for deadly gangs and the Mexican Cartel, she was saved by the grace of God to share her testimony with the world. She now is able to use her experience to help others break free of addiction as a part of Shenandoah Valley Teen Challenge. Standing on the warfront against the drug epidemic, she is also an advocate for the #BuildtheWall Campaign.

Dylan Wheeler

Dylan Wheeler

Dylan Wheeler is the founder of Educating Liberals. Author of ‘101 Facts That’ll Convince Your Liberal Friends to Walk Away’ and host of the E4L Podcast. Educating Liberals has over 500,000 followers on social media. Dylan is a big believer in God, Jesus, and Donald J. Trump!

Trump 2020 Tour ~ Upcoming Dates

August 31, 2019 ~ Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Bahia Marr Hotel. Doors Open at 4pm

September 28, 2019 ~ Burbank, California

Holiday Inn Media Center. Doors Open at 4pm

The Trump 2020 Tour, hosted and Founded by Alexander Davis ( America’s #1 Deplorable). Alexander is an author of 17 books and Founder of the Deplorables 4 Donald J Trump and the Trump 2020 Tour. The Trump 2020 Tour is a National Tour promoting the values of true conservatism and encouraging the Great Awakening that our Nation has so greatly needed. The Trump 2020 Tour hosts Conservative Candidates, Political Activists, and Social Media Personalities who support President Trump and the Conservative cause.  We are a team of like-minded individuals who have one desire: To Unite this Nation and dismantle the corrupt Democrat agenda.

We will be traveling Nationwide to address issues that take a stand against Socialism, the evil elite agenda of the Establishment, and to stand in agreement and support of our President, Donald J. Trump. The Trump 2020 Tour stands as a “We the People” movement. Our goal is to unite the people and we want ALL patriots to join us in this movement. Although this tour will provide fun entertainment for all who attend, you will all be able to witness first hand testimonies of American citizens who have overcome censorship, socialism, MS13 gang affiliation, and attacks on our Constitutional freedoms. There is an agenda to silence and oppress us, however Alexander Davis has been given a God-Ordained vision to stand on the warfront against the deceitful narrative and declare to the world that we will not sit idly. This Movement is a call to physical action!

We are currently seeking those who Love their Country, and are willing to support us and host us in your state. We WANT to hear your story! We are in search of like-minded individuals willing to share their stories and become a part of the Great Awakening! Let’s stop the Democrats, and let’s do it United, as one!

Feel the need to answer to this call of action? Email us:

Thank you Patriots, United we will stand!

Florida Keynote Speaker -Laura Loomer

Laura Loomer is recognized as the most censored woman in the United States. 
Laura is an American Political Activist and Internet Personality; Laura worked for Project Veritas with James O’Keefe.

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