Brandon Michael

Brandon Randolph Michael was born on May 7, 1986 in Norfolk, Virginia to a Naval career family, Parents Robert & Kiyan Michael, Older Brother B.J, and younger sister Keilah Michael.

Brandon loved animals, both wild and domesticated. Brandon knew no enemies. He had a sincere heart of giving and caring. Even as a young child, Brandon’s desire was to feed the hungry and would ask to give clothes out of his closet to the needy. He served as a page to Jacksonville’s city council, and in his local church as well as a life guard during the summer months. Brandon was full of life with a reassuring smile to all who knew him. Somehow, he sensed when others were hurting and made it his mission to reach out to them with his wide smile. He was a Dallas Cowboy fan and Brandon loved and valued his family.

Brandon was engaged to be married but his dreams were cut short on August 15, 2007. While on his way to the bank during his lunch break, Brandon was hit by a twice deported illegal alien, causing his car to flip, killing him. The illegal alien, Mario Tellez, had been stopped by local law enforcement several months prior and was just given a fine for driving without a drivers license and released. After hitting our son, the illegal alien got out of his car and watched Brandon take his last breaths. The illegal refused to admit he was driving, (although he was the only person in the vehicle), causing the state of Florida to have to prove he was behind the wheel. Now, our family not only had to deal with the sudden lose of our middle child, we also had to endure a lengthy trail. After the illegal was identified by an enforcement officer that had been on the scene, he was sentenced to just two years and deported once again.

Brandon deserved to still be here. Because the state of Florida and our nation failed to secure Brandon’s safety by not enforcing our immigration laws and securing our borders as well as failure to enforce the laws we had, Brandon never received the justice due to him as an American citizen. As Brandon’s family, in 2017, we founded the Brandon Michael Foundation and begin to work hand and hand with Angel Families to bring much needed changes to our immigration laws and enforcement to better protect all Americans citizens.

Bobby & Kiyan Michael

My husband Bobby and I first met with law enforcement Officers in Hernando County as support to our Governors proposed 287g program. We are diligently working to meet with cities, county and state leaders and Sheriffs throughout Floridaa to encourage better communication and enforcement of immigration policies thereby further support 287g program, now re-titled, the Warrant Service Officer Program. Bobby and I have assisted our Representatives both in the house and Senate, willing speaking in both committees to prohibit sanctuary cities. It was our honor to provide our personal testimony to aid in the passage of Florida’s First Anti-Santuary state wide bill ban, SB-168. We continue to support our local candidates for city and state election as we our stance against illegal immigration by speaking at several Republican Clubs here in Florida and our bordering state of Georgia. We are hopeful we’re given the opportunity to travel to other states throughout the U.S. to help develop and encourage similar anti- immigration legislation.
Our family has been honored to be guest of Florida’s Govenor and First Lady DeSantis’ first state of the state address and 2019 Governor’s Black History Celebration.

What most of the general public do not know is that Angel moms, dads, parents share our heart messages at our own expenses. Unfortunately seldom are we blessed with sponsors to help offset the financial cost we acquire and all angel families do what we do simply because we love our nation, its citizens and we don’t want other families experiencing the tragedy all angel families have.

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