Alexander Davis

President / Founder

Lauren Witzke

Vice President

Willie Small

Singer, song-writer, TBN News Network

Linda Axelrod

Actress, writer and performer

Grace Craichy

Actress, singer, dancer.

Alex Davis

Alexander Davis is named America’s #1 Deplorable! Alexander is an entrepreneur, author of seventeen books, inventor, keynote conference speaker, proud father and grandfather of four. Sign up for VIP access during the Tour and receive a complimentary, signed copy of Alexander’s autobiography. 

Lauren Witzke

Lauren Witzke is a GOP ACTIVIST and Recovery Advocate. After graduating business college, she found herself immersed in the drug culture. After years of selling drugs for deadly gangs and the Mexican Cartel, she was saved by the grace of God to share her testimony with the world. She now is able to use her experience to help others break free of addiction as a part of Shenandoah Valley Teen Challenge. Standing on the warfront against the drug epidemic, she is also an advocate for the #BuildtheWall Campaign.